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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Further Ideas

I've been visiting deviantArt alot over the last few weeks in between long uploads of the cluMe project, and I suppose this exploration of the site has brought me to discover new and conflicting ideas about club management.

The most recent one was to consider photographs and artworks as "projects" in the same way as an architects drawings are developed. This would probably require the "club" to become more of a corporate front, which is dertimental, but on the other hand, it would also improve the content and context of the work of the artist or artists. As I see it, each piece of work would display the current version of the work foremost, and then link to displays of previous work. This might/would require collaborative artworks and maybe some source files (.psds) that either all members or selected members can download, work on, then submit a revision of the work. The brilliance here is that stock artists get to control and see who develops their original piece. However the problem is the connection between each work, it isn't necessarily going to be linear, more like a tree structure, and that would be hard to represent graphically on the page.

How would this fit into the club layout as to not detriment the purpose of the club?
The detriment lies in the propogation of an anarcho-syndicalist structure between users. There is definitely going to be more challenges to the club structure and increased humility within the users if we were to place this control or power in the users hands. Therefore an equality must be obtained between the club and the user to minimise this. Maybe the club will promote these collaborative works more, and maybe even create their own. This structure of projects can be applied to even the most basic of club activities.

Should these collaborative works be controlled by the club then?
First of all, this control does not need to exist for stock pieces because it is promotional in this instance. There may need to be a control for members of a club, so certain members can do collaborative works and other members cant create them (they can only add to them).