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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fire In Ice Programming To-Do List

Ok, I've just finished the graphical design of Fire In Ice's layout, as you can see on deviantart. Here's a few storyboards I've put up there, I hope you like them;

Now I have to write a small, very general To-Do list to keep you and me updated about progress.

To-Do List;

Prepareations for modifications
  1. In Progress: Create a new mysql table and duplicate all current data across to the new table for preservational reasons
  2. In Progress: Duplicate current site and set up in a new directory, modifying all necessary details to get the mysql/php configurations working. [Example: Fire In Ice Test Site]

Jewelry Entries
  1. In Progress: Add "Feature" option to collections
  2. In Progress: Add element details options
    • In Progress: Create X amount of elements
    • In Progress: Provide details for elements
      • Carats
      • Cut
      • Colour
      • Clarity
      • Grading
    • In Progress: Add Overall Details
      • Dimensions
      • Price
      • Designer
  3. In Progress: Develop collection display pages
  4. In Progress: Add jewelry type option (Pendants & Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Loose Elements)
    • Has option to add new jewelry type
  5. In Progress: Add option for multiple images to be displayed under the same entry
  6. In Progress: Re-create main page display
    • In Progress: Enable graphics for categories
      • In Progress: Add image field to gallery.php display
      • In Progress: Add image field to category table
      • In Progress: Create directory to store images
      • In Progress: Add post scripts to gallery.php
        • In Progress: Migrate basic image uploader to gallery.php
      • In Progress: Apply graphics to necessary pages
  7. In Progress: Re-work piece creation script adding flow
    • In Progress: Create general details form
    • In Progress: Create specific details form
    • In Progress: Create image uploader form (w. cropping script)
    • In Progress: Create element data form
    • In Progress: Add contextual element data display
  8. In Progress: Add easy editing options to view.php
  9. In Progress: Add image order modification page
  10. In Progress: Write error instances for most of the new data
  11. In Progress: Create stylings for thumbnails
    • In Progress: Create 1px thick border overlay for all thumbnails
    • In Progress: Create an inner shadow with about 5% translucency just to give the thumb a little depth
    • In Progress: Apply these two filters (with changeable options in the config file) to the thumbnailing scripts & large image uploading script & cropping scripts
    • In Progress: Create an image rotation script
  12. In Progress: re-organise admin files to suit new flow of information
  13. In Progress:Fix CHMOD problem with files (files are being written with CHMOD 600, they should be written with 644).

Jewelry Display
  1. In Progress: Design Main Page displaying collections in short description [Link: Main Page Example]
  2. In Progress: Design Collection page which can later be adapted to browsing page [Link: Collections Example]
  3. In Progress: Design Jewelry display page
  4. In Progress: Design Browsing page using collection page large and small product displays from the collection

  1. In Progress: Implement a style changing script
    • In Progress: Make it possible for script to change the thumbnail border effects
    • In Progress: Allow each category to have its own style

  1. In Progress: Add Browse page
    • In Progress: Calculate date of last entry
    • In Progress: Calculate numbers of entries
    • In Progress: add paging options - (universal operation)
  2. In Progress: Develop feed recollections of browses/searches for contextual display
  3. In Progress: Work on cart scripting & integrate with jewelry entries
  4. In Progress: Add optional enquiry listing similar to cart listing

  1. In Progress: Add rating calculator for links page
  2. In Progress: Add paging options for links page - (universal operation)

Textual Content
  1. In Progress: Migrate newsphp to news/updates display
  2. In Progress: Develop seperate blog for Andris w. Blogger-esque details
  3. In Progress: Add a simple content manager for services data w. similar css options as the blogs
  4. In Progress: Add simple content manager for contact page

Well, thats a very tiny to-do list, it'll get bigger over coming weeks, and hopefully some results will develop.


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