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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The trouble with badly drawn bubbles

After riding a mechanical bull 3 times over the weekend, all my muscles are in a big state of vapid slumber. And now it is Monday, the worst day of the week (if I had a job), and no amount of coffee can wake my body up. I moreso feel dissapointed, I could only last one and a half bucks on the "bull", which curiously wearing a cow's leather jacket, and lets just say that its anthropophaginian and paradoxical fashion sense did not make the outcome feel any better.

I'm pondering ways in which I can quit smoking, with little to no loss of my productive qualities. There's this profound numbness I feel after about 2 days without a cigarette, that leads me back to my old smoking habits. I've got to work around it somehow, and my best guess is that this is a psychological withdrawl symptom, which could be solved by patches, but they're too expensive to buy right now so I'm waiting for the next month, and marking a day on my calendar to attempt quitting again.

It seems that with all the effects of planning and planning, which leads to more planning and more challenges, cluMe's alpha 0.2 release date has been postponed for about 2 weeks. I proposed by the 0.2 release that it would be perfectly possible to work on the obedience to authority factors of the site, and on nuclear communities, whilst also having a stable site in the background, where users have an easy way to produce content, but the user features (which I love quite frankly) are still being coded.

I'm feeling kind of slightly dilluded and dilluted right now, so I'm off for a walk down brownhill creek to see what I can think of.

Until nexttime coteries